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As mentioned in my first post almost two months ago, I am aware of my late arrival to very heavily attended pool party called “Blogging”. I was also quick to point out that I by no means think that there aren’t others out there who have said it first or better.

With these two facts in mind I wanted to take a breather this week and introduce you to some individuals/groups that are taking to the internet with varying frequency to share their knowledge and passion with you and I.

I find that I follow any number of Blogs for a variety of reasons. Often times it is because they prove to be a source of inspiration as I find the author discusses concerns or issues that I myself have thought about or actually struggled with in my own work/career. At other times it is the introduction to a new artist that I have never heard of, or the discovery of a previously unknown work from one that I have followed for a while.

Regardless of what brings you to a blog for the first time, it is the content that you find there that brings you back. You learn which blogs are updated regularly, and which ones go untouched for long periods of time. If the quality of what is offered is high, you can forgive the infrequent post. If frequent enough and the content is un-interesting, well there is always next week!

Below I have listed a number of the Blogs that I have found to be consistently interesting or otherwise inspiring, and therefore check regularly. I am always looking for more sources of inspiration and information, so if you have any of your own that you are willing to share please do so in the comments section as I would love to check them out!

I have attempted to break the following into three groups:

Those who post as individuals, the topics of which may vary from simple “how to’s” to the off the beaten path musings that grip us while we are hard at work with no one to talk to

Consists of more than one individual, some artists, others in some way related to or otherwise connected directly to the art field. These are often but not always found to be educational in their content.

Art Lovers
Those individuals who, while not directly connected to the art field itself, nonetheless have a wealth of information to divulge, made up of interesting facts and otherwise hard to find nuggets of information.

New Blogs are discovered all the time, and I will make sure to adjust the list here as a result. While I am looking to add a “links” page to the website in the not to distant future, feel free to bookmark this page in the meantime and check back as you wish.

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