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A Blog…Really?

It was not long ago that I thought much the same when hearing various friends say that they were going to begin keeping a blog. For the life of me I couldn’t think of how one would put such a blog to good use, or who would even be interested in the outcome. Since then I have found that many of these individuals can count me among their avid readers, and I am as entertained and educated in the reading of them as the next person. This is not to say that I have suddenly come into a wealth of knowledge that I just HAVE to share, but rather gained a wider appreciation of an outlet that I would have leapt on had it been available to me as a fan of all things art in my early years.

Something important to say, meaningful insights to post, thoughtful comments to put out there…

Who wants this kind of pressure? While I certainly hope that at least some of these things will be found in future posts, I am not deluded enough to think that there aren’t others out there who have said it first or better. I am not usually the loudest voice in a room, but neither am I to be found hidden in the corner. I enjoyed the learning and sharing that I experienced during my time teaching, and I look at this as an opportunity to open up the conversation to a wider audience.

I am confident in saying much of what you read here will likely be art related. This is will be our place for sharing such things as new techniques, tools, exciting art & artists and anything else that you and I find inspiring enough to put into words.

Likely as not, we will deviate from the art path from time to time. Not every moment is spent making art, and as such you may find subjects such as music, travels, books, pipes and tobacco, even conversations with friends and associates that we found enlightening.

This is also the opportunity for you to pose questions of your own. During my time as a college instructor, I found that many questions came up again and again, and that often the answers changed depending on who was asking, what the context was, and of course who was providing the answer. In this case I will give you the best answer I can, and if I don’t know then we will find out together!

All in all I am looking forward to wherever this goes, and I hope you will join me.


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