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Q&A With "The Art Order"

After last weeks novella of a post I decided to keep it short this week. I tend to be a bit wordy when writing, and I am mindful of the need to give both you and I a breather from time to time!

I recently had the pleasure to be interviewed alongside the very talented Scott Fischer by my good friend Randy Gallegos in his inaugural post on the very informative and respected blog “The Art Order”. Since the interview went live yesterday I wanted to take the opportunity to mention this blog as it happens to be one that I have followed for some time now. Many of you may already be avid readers or regular posters on The Art Order, but for those of you who are only just now hearing about it: Enjoy!

This site was founded by one of the hardest working Art Directors in the business Jon Schindehette, and has since become a hub for both aspiring and established illustrators in the Fantasy genre. For a number of years now Jon has managed to find the time to build up a site that is at the same time informative and supportive with topics ranging from the business focused “how to” side of things, to the regular staging of “Art Challenges” that provide an opportunity for the up and coming artist to get their work objectively critiqued by some of the industries movers and shakers.

Recently Jon has grown the Art Order family to include 6 new contributors, each of whom bring a very different perspective to the blog. His choices were careful ones as he is wisely wanting to build up those areas his already substantial art voice do not cover, and each of them promises to add a strong voice to the conversation.

The interview with Scott and myself is titled “Switching Tracks” and focuses on the subject of established artists who have experienced a “reboot” in their career path, and now find themselves in industries previously not considered when they set out to explore the artistic unknown. The author in this case was Randy Gallegos who will be posting monthly as one of the new contributors to the blog. I am humbled to have been asked to take part in the interview and I look forward to seeing what Randy and the rest of the Art Order team has in store for us this year!

You can find the interview here: “Switching Tracks

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